If you have Registered Germany Passports, you might consider applying for a Registered Germany Passports (deutscher Reisepass). For German citizens, an identity card is required to travel to many countries that are not part from the European Union. In addition, If you do not possess an identification card, you may require an German passport since the law stipulates that every German citizens to possess an acceptable form of identification.

How do you apply for an Registered Germany Passports?

To apply for Registered Germany Passports( Reisepass beantragen) you need to set up an appointment at the Citizens’ Office ( Burgeramt) in the municipality the municipality in which you’re in the municipality where you are registered. It is also possible to apply to the offices of citizens in other cities, but there is a possibility of having pay an additional fee. The appointment must be made in person. It’s not possible for anyone who is not your behalf. Documents required to apply for a passport: The following items must be brought along for your visit:
  • Recent photo that meets requirements of the federal government’s strict requirements for passport photographs (in German).
  • Documents that verify your identity as well as your German citizenship (e.g. an expired or current passport or ID card as well as the German naturalization certificate If you have one).
At the time of your appointment, they’ll also collect fingerprints from your right and left index fingers. These will be saved in a specific chip inside your passport.

Registered Germany Passports:

In 2012 the year 2012 . A new EU law was enacted that required all children to possess their own identification . And making it difficult for them to travel internationally using the passports of their parents. Parents living in Germany are now able to choose of making an application for a normal biometric passport to their kids (as previously mentioned) or apply for a child’s passport (Kinder-pass) using the same method. The Kinder-pass  can be utilized until the 12th birthday of your child. It offers the benefits that it’s cheaper and is quicker to process. However in the negative. Because it’s an un-biometric passport it isn’t accepted by all countries. See which countries accept the Kinder-pass.

What the price of an German Passport cost?

The cost to apply for an German passport is based upon your age, your location and the time you’ll need it. If you’re frequent travelers and want to pay extra pages to get visa stamps.